Message by the Principal

I am glad to be a part of Don Bosco School, Pithoragarh. A place situated on the hills without the noise of vehicles hustle & bustle of city life. A place of solitude and serenity. At the outset I salute all my predecessors of school who have focused on the moto of our school Virtue & Knowledge strived year after year to climb the ladder of success and raised the standard of education through value based holistic approach.

I believe in the ability of every child as unique gift who has unique potentialities. In the words of a popular child psychologist Jean Piaget children act as “little scientists” exploring their environment to gain understanding by promoting hands on learning & Skill Development according to NEP 2020.

Your I Unit Test has just concluded and it is required from each one of you to start gearing up from scratch for the annual examination which is on the horizon. Students in general especially those appearing for Board Exam should consume fresh homely food with proper intake of water and other nutrition. Have sound sleep lest you feel lethargic may refrain you from doing your optimum. Avoid sitting up late till midnight or beyond as it would hamper your performance and the power to recollect what you have learnt. Instead get accustomed with early morning learning for helping you grasp and comprehend your content as its benefits rightly get reflected in a well-known proverb – “early to bed, early to rise”.

Communicate with others in a respectful and meaningful way. Pose questions, explore possibilities and challenge yourself to find solutions. Surround yourself with positive people. Make positive choices related to physical and mental wellness. Take suggestions and instructions with a positive frame of mind. Contribute to our school community in a collaborative respectful manner and participate in all activities that will give you an all-round development progress. I assure that Don Bosco will provide conducive atmosphere for joyful learning.

I take this opportunity to thank the teachers for their continuous professional excellence and dedication. It is your teacher’s guidance and motivation in the classroom that will help to you create a year that is bright with embraced opportunities.

H-e-l-p! is a four letter word that means a lot. Only when we learn to help ourselves, we can help others. Hence I expect my children to make serious and dedicated efforts to improve their learning and set tall targets for themselves. To achieve high, one must aim high. Keep doing your best and also be benevolent to the needs of your friends and family. Be alert to the needs of environment and Mother Nature. Keep aside your mobile phone instead spend time with your family. Please come out of reel world to real world.

Happy learning.
Sr. Joyce
Don Bosco School

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